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    Fairy Beauty Whitez

    • Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
    • Firms and uplifts skin.
    • Promotes cells and tissue regeneration and improves blood circulation.
    • Restores skin elasticity and tightens pores.
    • Improves moisture retention, promotes smooth and plump skin.
    • Prevents acne.
    • Promotes skin lightening and prevents formation of dark pigments.
    • Reduces under-eye dark circles.
    • Strengthens joints and enhances flexibility.
    • Encourages thicker hair growth and promotes healthy nails.
    • Antioxidant properties fight against harmful free radicals.
    • Nourishes the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
    RM88.00RM128.00 31% off

    Fairy Beauty Whitez

    RM88.00RM128.00 31% off

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