三降茶 沂泽堂 草本茶疗 | 降血压 | 血脂 | 血糖 | 尿酸 | Herbal Tea to Balance Blood Sugar | Cholesterol

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Nama Produk: Teh Herba Tradisional
Bahan-Bahan: tumbuh-tumbuhan semulajadi seperti daun Mulberry, Hawthorn, Bunga Kekwa, Daun teratai, Gardenia.

Anti-3 Tinggi :
1.Tinggi Kolesterol,
2.Tinggi Tekaan Darah
3.Tinggi Gula Darah,

Cara Hidangan:
1.Satu paket untuk secawan,masukan air didih dan kacau;
2.1-2 teabags daily preferably to be taken sepelas makan.

Cara Penyimpanan:
1.Simpan pek di tempat yang dingin, besih dan kering.

Product: Anti-3 highs Herbs Tea (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar/diabetes)

Net Content:150g(5g*30teanags)

MFG: 2021/01/26

Shelf Life:18 months

Storage: cool, dry, clean conditions, and away from direct sunlight.

Effect: Helps to lower down high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol

What is the 3 highs?

The 3 highs are high blood pressure, high cholesterol,and high blood sugars(diabetes). These conditions often coexist with central obesity, known as metabolic syndrome.

What causes these 3 highs? And why are they dangerous?

The current understanding is that the root cause of metabolic syndrome is an overabundance of nutrition in the human body, which leads to insulin resistance. when this happens, the body becomes incapable of uttilizing its energy stores and nutrients efficiently. Elevated levels of circulating unhealthy fats and sugar then promotes damage in the big and small blood vessels in the body.

If you have one or more diseases within metabolic syndrome, they can independently or compoundly add up to the lifetime risks of heart diseases, strokes, kidney failure and blindness.

What risk factors are there of developing these conditions?

The older we get, the more likely that we may get metabolic syndrome

If you have close family members who have the 3 highs, you are more likely to get metabolic syndrome yourself, partly due to the genes you share. However, it could also be due to the similar environment and lifestyles that you are brought up.

In addition to genetics, lifestyle also plays a critical role in mitigating the risk of developing 3 highs. People who have a high calorie and high fat diet with a sedentary and stressful lifestyle are more likely to accumulate excess nutrients and store more fats in their bellies.

Not only is smoking and unhealthy habit and one of the world’s leading causes of death, it also promotes inflammation and accelerates the injury to the blood vessels.




“三降”茶,不是今天喝了明天病就好的药品,不能把它夸大成是治病的神药。它的 功能慨括说是调理和保健,作用是恢复血管和五脏的生理功能,目的是:五脏健康、疾病扫 光。它与西药的关系是辨证的,即”三降”茶先是配合西药降”三高”,作辅疗,逐步由”三降” 变”三稳”即稳定血脂、血压、血糖的正常值,最后争取实现一个一个的摆脱西药。

饮用”三降”茶,是一种饮食自然疗法,它以年为周期,必须坚持日日饮用,在配合 西药治”三高”的情况下,恢复人体心、肝、脾、肺、肾的生理功能,实现五脏健康,


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