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Zenxin Simply Natural Organic Handmade Quinoa Noodle 200g


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Organic Handmade Quinoa Noodles (200g)


Organic food for fantastic mood!

Why settle for regular noodles when you can enjoy organic ones! The Organic Handmade Quinoa Noodles by Simply Natural are good source of important vitamins, minerals and fiber! No wonder it is dubbed as part of Super food! It is purely handmade using premium ingredients only: 20% fresh organic quinoa, premium organic Australian flour & Atlantic sea salt. The noodle making process was perfected with the combination of both traditional and modern technology. The journey of achieving quality noodles with a 50-year-old traditional Loke’s family noodle-making recipe with a touch of modern food technology. The traditional “jumping-method” to pound the dough what makes Simply Natural’s noodles extra special and gives you that chewy texture. This noodle has absolutely ZERO preservatives, additives, colourings & flavourings.


  • ✔ Pure sea salt
  • ✔ Organic high protein unbleached plain flour
  • ✔ 20% Organic quinoa

Nutritional Facts

  • ✔ Serving size: 50g (1 piece)
  • ✔ Servings per pack: 200g (4 pcs)
  • ✔ Contains gluten & wheat

Why Organic?

Zenxin Simply Natural’s organic noodles are purely the best. Our certified organic products are produced with natural ingredients that are free from the use of chemical fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides. This means no pollution to the local environment to ensure safer daily consumption for you and your family.

  • ✔ NO GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • ✔ NO preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings
  • ✔ NO toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or heavy metal residuals
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Zenxin Simply Natural Organic Handmade Quinoa Noodle 200g


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